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Membership Cards

Showcase your venue with an eye-catching membership card for your patrons. A membership card can serve as proof of membership and be a pivotal tool for marketing your venue or poker machine loyalty program. PVC cards are the most popular card type which are long lasting and can be designed or printed to your requirements. 

Business Cards

Want to stand out from the crowd? Then get an unique style buisness card to showcase who you are and what your business is about. With a PVC buisness card you have the ability to design a card that is not only long lasting but will stand out from the rest. Options include a QR Code link to your website, double-sided print and a variety of textured finishes.

Card Printers

The Zebra range of card printers are world class and come in a variety of models. The most popuular model is the Zebra ZXP3 Card Printer which is used in most small to medium businesses. For larger businesses the Zebra ZXP7 is the perfect printer or you. These printers are fully functional with Maxgaming loyalty software.


For more information on the Zebra range click here.


If you would like to order your new printer or require new printer ribbons please visit our shop page.




Zebra Card Printer Information Sheet
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